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Our goal is to make you sound better. The main gear to get there is the hearing, Ears and brain in cooperation. Communication - we talk about what is important. Louder, less loud, safer, open, modern, classic, old school, compressed, not compressed. All these words are meaningful. In the right time and the right place.



Public Adress

PA for temporary use


When you need to be heard. The right equipment for your stage, church, venue, party, event. Mixers, speakers, microphones, amplifiers and cables. We take care of the right choices for you. 




Live or studio on location.. Your band, choir, conference or event. And maybe we can even get the chance to produce a music video for you!


PA for permanent use

20+ years experience of designing the right equipment for churches, halls of assembly and schools.

Maybe there is only a little part of your gear that needs to get a new part.

Together we can find a way to get the most quality from you budget.

Home entertainment

The service you need, from Homepod, Alexa and Bluetooth-connected devices to your Home Movie Theatre. 5.1, 7,1 Dolby Athmos - at your service. Or if you just need a microphone and some background music for your backyard party, wedding reception or birthday celebration.  Do not hesitate to ask.

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